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Peddy Mergui

Peddy Mergui is the founder and owner of Talking Brands. He founded the company 17 years ago out of a desire to help companies and organizations to realize and maximize their market potential.  Understanding the significance of branding and the ability to influence consumption with design, Peddy has led dozens of successful brands, local and international. According to him, to say the right thing and make people feel empathy is the essence of the change driving processes conducted in “Talking Brands’. Peddy specializes in strategybranding and identity of organizations, companies, products, people and ideas, including providing visual solutions. Peddy has broad experience and knowledge in marketing and consumer behavior, corporate identity and building motivating elements by finding the accurate target groups.

Peddy, BA in Visual Communication Design from the Holon Institute of Technology , Masters in Business Administration, specializing in entrepreneurship from the University “Polytechnic University of New York .” In his other hat Peddy is a senior lecturer and faculty member in the Department of Visual Communication Design Faculty of Design of the Holon Institute of Technology. In 2009 he even received an honorable mention for excellence in teaching .

Paddy is among international designers in the field of branding and packaging, most recently his exhibition “Wheat Wheat Wheat” has earned him international awards and extensive coverage in the international media, including Fox News, Vogue, Life Magazine. The exhibition travels the world, and was recently presented in the  “Museum of Craft and Design” in San Francisco, Expo Milan and Hong Kong for a solo exhibition. At the same time , Mergui has served as a judge of international and local design competitions and recently served as president of a design competition jury in Lublin, Poland .


2017  Research & creativity competition. HIT honorable mention for his exhibition
2016  Golden medal award winner, the german design awards, Germany
2015   Head of the jury in competition for designing the center of the meeting of cultures, Lublin, Poland
2015  Gold medal “Packaging” German design awards.
2014  Culture Foundation receives support from the National Lottery.
2013 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Winner for the rebranding process of Henkel ‘Soad’, 
           out of one hundred re-branding process respected in the world.
2011  Winning third place in the design competition for the Bank of Israel bills.
2007  Winning the silver medal viral Prague Biennale.
2006  Winning a Silver Star for Packaging Design Packaging Institute.
2001  Winning the Golden Feather Award to encourage the creation Akum (Association of composers and publishers in Israel).
2000  Card Design Competition Gad quickly lottery. Winning first and second place in both categories.
1996  Toyota car design competition for Purim. Winning the first place prize group.
More information about Mergui, his work and his exhibitions can be seen on his website: www.peddymergui.com