The project’s brief was to create an a brand identity for a beloved food. I chose the excess that comes from the juice of a salad. In my tradition —”to tunk” means to “dip into” that salad juice with a bread.

While planning the branding, my target audience were people who know what good taste is all about.
I tried to to compare the dipping of that juice to a Polish family tradition that keeps on going from one generation to another. I wanted to convey tradition and values yet also keep the brand highly sophisticated and modern. I decided to use black and white, deep gray and magenta photos of European ladies.
Accompanying the final product were posters, a matching napkin and tableware. You can serve the Dg’stif in a big bottle and pure it to tiny glasses or a small box that already includes bottles.
In addition there’s a catalog explaining the story of the secret of “Tunk” from one generation to another till turning it into a product. In the catalog I used old photos while hiding the faces/cutting them to create a feeling of mystery and secrecy.

Inbal Lapidot
Visual Communications, Third year, HIT
Photography of the project: Karin Lapidot
Under the instruction of Peddy Mergui