The catalog deals with my personal childhood story in which I have faced a boycott. I have chosen this specific story due to its major impact and influence on my life. By sharing this story with the world, i believe i can create solidarity among those who went through the same bad experience in their own childhood.

I have decided to design the catalog for “Twentyfourseven” brand who turns to young women. Despite the painful and traumatic theme, my main purpose was to turn the catalog and take it to a happy whole place. The clothes in the catalog presents – happiness and daring; expressing the ability of us women to be free of any obstacles. I have printed the catalog on transparent paper in order to create an extreme browsing experience which will allow the viewer to discover new exciting frames and compositions in each page turn.

The model is photographed through a glass to which she is pressing herself to, which creates a sense of her being crushed on the catalog pages. The text is originally mine and it appears on the right side of the catalog. Due to its transparence we can automatically encounter the text itself from the beginning.

Michal Chaldi

Under the instruction of Peddy Mergui,
Visual Communications, HIT