In this project, I chose to design a fashion catalog for women dresses from the perspective view of a voyeur.

While the first phase of work, I tried to put myself in the position of  the voyeur, to try and find out how does reality looks through his eyes. Slowly, I made it clear to myself how does the catalog need to be photograph. Throughout the catalog shots, I was careful never to show the female figure completely.  all along the photos the female figure is conceal by various objects, such as, blinds, bathroom window or the bedroom curtain. The photographs were all taken at night and thus, although the lighting in images, the overall look of the photos is a little tense and dark. The exteriors shots were filmed in the afternoon, towards sunset. in these photos we can see the adjacent buildings and due to those, we can realize better the situation and indicate where the story takes place.

The black package of the catalog is trying to preserve the element of voyeurism and to stimulate the viewer to enter the story, the catalog itself was printed on a gray newsprint paper and has a hard cover binding which is printed on canvas.

The text is taken from a song by the band “MASSIVE ATTACK”, I slightly changed the wording of the song to make it fit the concept behind the catalog.
The typography is varied and has a major role in the catalog which is to get the viewer to understand the mind of the voyeur and to confront with the same doubts and desires.

I tried to compare the curiosity of the viewer’s in the catalog to the curiosity of  the obsessive voyeur who is watching the photographed female figure.

Orna Reitstein

Under the instruction of Peddy Mergui,
Visual Communications, HIT