The project is intended to build a new image for an existing business. The energy, the joy of life and one good friend; one that keeps me young and is also a surfer, caused me to get my head into a field I have no experience in whatsoever.

The grace of the man and the legend – Musa, 63 years old, founder and owner of the company – captured me from the very first moment, with glittering eyes of a 16 year old, still excited about surfboards.
Musa started his way in the sea in 1975 as a lifeguard in the country-club beach of Ashdod. He was the first one in Israel to establish a surfboard factory. Generations of young surfers have developed under his wing.
The company manufactures world class client-custom “Ultrawave” surfboards, and possesses incredible experience of years of surfing in the most professional and exotic beaches in the world, participating and winning in multiple competitions.
How come such a talented and successful team hadn’t come up with a new look until now?
Musa’s will to adjust himself to the international market, combining warmth, style and energy that drive the incomers into a frenzy, a combination of new ideas coming from the younger generation with the good hands and experience of the older one, all this brought me to designing a whole life style.
A youthful spirit, a strong, glowing colorfulness, a borrowed use of the “fish-eye” and the underwater photography, and elements taken from the fashion world as well as TV.
I created a new and unique logo, which demonstrates colorfulness to a level never before seen in this field, containing the initials U.W. in fast and flowing lines which gather into a signature, assuring the client of the quality of the product.
The project includes designing a logo, business-cards, store-labels, a poster, a CD with previous competitions, and a two-version website home-page.

“Whoever comes into our home is a surfer, and every surfer is a friend.” -Musa

Maayan Armon

Lecture, Peddy Mergui