The goal of the project was creating a brand identity for a store with numeral branches, paying attention to the stores general identity, and branches individual identity. My choice was Music, Movie and Book stores. I was interested by this idea because those stores are not very successful nowadays (except book stores). In my opinion this wasn’t ideal, because those three fields are what defined us as a culture and affected the way we think.

My concept of the stores was : stores that bring back to the center all the classics and stones of culture, a store that will speak to all of those who like these fields, and especially young people who don’t get the chance to meet with these contents enough. The store will sell renewed additions of movies, books, and music classics in order to see their distribution and maintain awareness of them
The name I chose for the stores represent their viewpoint of their products “Stones and Rocks of Culture” since they really are selling the “stones” of culture. The variety of fonts in the logo represents the variety and richness of the classic products.

Dealing with the graphing language, I decided to take the classic and combine it with modern, a bit futuristic elements. Due to the fact that the goal of this identity is to talk about classics but also attracting and giving a modern feeling.
I used textures, round repetitive element, and a verified typography. Every store was treated with a different texture inspired by particles and rocks, and a representative color that repeats in the individual identity elements. In addition, every item received a photo & a quote drawn from a classic of that field.

Shiran Azran

Under the instruction of Peddy Mergui,
Visual Communications, HIT