Channel 2  / Night News

The Face of a Brand

Peddy Mergui talk with Gedeon Uko and Amalya Duek, as a brand and strategy expert, of the top of the phenomenon – how successfully can a presenter leverage a brand? What is the impact of a familiar face on the brand and can this effect result a bad outcome? ( 0:20 )

Israel Hayom  / Opinions

The Telma Conflakes Crisis: A Brand Betrayal

“You could not miss this week the pile of cornflakes rolling. every time we thought we reached a new record – the news announced another shift in the plot. When I was asked by a client how I would manage this crisis, I could’t help remembering the Mercedes moose test crisis..”


Channel 2  / Night News

The Cornflakes Crisis

Peddy Mergui talks to Gedeon Uko and Ido Solomon, as a brand and strategy expert, of the top of the headlines this week, Telma Conflakes Crisis. Why did they hid the infection? And what does he have to say about their strategic way for handling the crisis?

Channel 2  / Savings Daily Show: 

Celebrities – and also Business Owners

After the millions of worth exit of Bar Rafaeli for Hoodies, Menachem Horovitz met with celebs who have decided to start a business along with their everyday career. Peddy Mergui talks to Menachem about the the meaning of celebs owning their own brands.

Channel 2  / Savings Daily Show: 

Products Promise Us Health, But Don’t Always Keep It.

When going to the supermarket to shop ,we often encounter a variety of products promising healthy qualities – but is this really the situation? Peddy Mergui talks to the reporter Menachem Horowitz about the hidden and overt messages on products that promise us health

Channel 2  / Ecomony News :

Flight Rule : You Have to Pay for Convenience.

Although low-cost airline companies offer low prices, the price is often at the expense of comfort. Which airline you feel like sardines and where you can stretch your legs? Peddy talks to Omri Barak about the messages we get from airlines.

Israel Today

The most Israeli

Special edition products for independence day has probably got your attention at your last visit in the supermarket. Peddy Mergui, interviewed by Ziva Mugrabi Cubani, is answering the question – is it about national pride- or income?

Channel 2  / Savings Daily Show:

Addicted to Brands : How Much Does it Cost Us?

The shopping that most of us do at the supermarket rely mainly on the legs : hand reaches toward the well known brand, and often we avoid private, cheaper labels. So how packaging affects our buying decisions? Peddy Mergui and Omri Barak from channel 2 news, went to check out. 

Channel 2  / Savings Daily Show:

Worth Testing : The Optics Test

Menachem Horowitz examined branded glasses -are they really superior or can you do with cheap brands? Peddy Mergui consultant & branding expert explains the significance of branded glasses in consumer’s eyes and it’s connection to his decision to purchase.

The Marker

The connection between Rami Levi Bar Rafaeli

“Branding is not only to end users, but also to customers. Visual Communication includes psychology, design, marketing, consumer behavior. This ability to understand how things work, It’s like learning music.” An interview with Peddy Mergui.


Galatz Radio

Talk about branding with Avi Ettinger and Dudu Erez 

Entertaining interview following a change in Google’s logo and conflicting opinions about the quality of the logo Media



Brands Index 2015

The magazine covers Peddy Mergui’s solo exhibition, “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat” an its participation at the Israeli Pavilion Expo Milan 2015 “Where is the ethical limit of the ability of brands seductive design and branding?”


Interview in the polish magazine Lajf

The prestigious Life magazine article tells the life story of Paddy, on the way from Morocco to the jurisdiction of an international competition in Lublin, and an explanation of the artistic concept in the evaluation and design.



Spanish TAPAS magazine article

Magazine tapas is one of the most highly regarded journals in Europe and Spain, on lifestyle art and consumer culture. The article reviews the international solo exhibition of Paddy and international designer activity.

HOW Design

Publication of work in HOW Design Magazine

The source magazine for development and establishment of businesses, in relation to graphic design. The magazine covers the actions of Peddy Mergui, his International firm Mergui Lottery Design, and the success designing unique lottery tickets in the US. 


Personality test to the private label

In Israel the field of private labels is still in an early phase of simple design, not differentiated. US and Europe brands, on the other hand, have long been designed and differentiated by Brand Manufacturers. If Israeli chains want private label growth in sales, they will need a change.