The story of  “Seven Mothers” started the day we first settlement at Nitzan after my family and I were evacuated from Gush Katif in 2005. Following the evacuation, many of the evacuees, including residents of Nitzan, were left without work untill today.

In my project, I would like to introduce a solution, maybe a small one, but that speaks of hope and a positive start. “Seven Mothers” are seven women, were evacuated from Gush Katif, who decided to take responsibility for their new life and conceived the idea to turn the hobby of baking to a source of income for them.

So how does it work?
Every mother bakes from here private kitchen at home, and together each morning they marketed their goods in several malls: Giron Mall in Ashkelon, Azrieli Mall and Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv.
The values ​​that led me in developing the visual language are domesticity, warmth and authenticity. Yet it was important to give emphasis the aesthetic in the design, to display the place where the brand becomes from a individual product, to a product that sold out and designed to audience that appreciate and demands quality.

Naama Avitboul