The Bank of Israel, chose to arrange a contest among Israeli designers for the designing of a new ֿ’israeli poets’ series of bills.

The contest was extensively published, and end up including a few hundred works, the Bank of Israel Nominated a wide committee to judge the works. A few steps were made, until the final step in which the top three bill design were presented to Israels Governor of the Bank, Mr Stanly Fisher. Mr Fisher Rated the top three designs, in this rate the bills i designed won the third place.

although they weren’t produced as real bills at the end of this process, the designing of the bills was a very deep and thorough mission. a mission that mapped the location and identity of poets in the Israeli culture, their uniqueness, and their influence on our culture. reading dozens of poems, collecting images that describe the poets and illustrating them.

in the Design of every bill there are numerous elements that describe the uniqueness of the specific poet and of course graphic elements for security purpose. we are pleased to say that we are very proud of the outcome, and very happy we had the honor and privilege of participating in this important competition.

Thanks for Dr Moti Zeira for his kindness and his knowledge.