The Bank of Israel, chose to arrange a contest among Israeli designers for the designing of a new ֿ’israeli poets’ series of bills.

Since the invention of perfume, we have regarded the product in a grandiose way for which the packaging must be different, special and lavish. Take a look at some of the most fascinating and unique perfume bottles from around the world.

It’s not a secret that well maintained hair has powerful influence on our lives. The market holds many different products, what makes it difficult to choose.

Israel has a lot to offer: beaches, great cuisine, and great historical sites. So why, when searching Israel on Google, do we mainly find maps, soldiers and terrorists? The good news: there IS a solution.

Honey packaging is known for focusing on the contents of the packaging, and as such is often done in a very minimalist, clear style, as if they are telling the customers: “don’t look at the jar, but what’s inside.” Join us for a trip around the world via the varied styles of honey packaging.

When you ask residents of big cities around the world, “what’s the word that best describes your city?” most of them will give you the same answer. Who is in charge of branding these cities?

Until the last few years most beer brands stuck with the same common, traditional style. The latest design trends around the world are changing up this old branding style and are turning to new clientele using packaging that is colorful and anything but traditional.

In the world of packaging, there are many ways to be environmentally friendly: the common goal of these methods is to have more than one use for packaging (product storage options) and turning them into a product with additional value.

When you buy a basic product, such as pasta or rice, it may take some time. Because today, unlike before, we have many options to choose from.

Not only grown-ups, well settled people enjoy a sip of wine. Read all about wine bottle design and packaging in this article.

Side dish, junk food or just a snack – ever since it was invented, probably in 1853, the potato chip made a long way. Now, Health awarness trend has arrives to chips snack, and the packaging shows it.

Chocolate is well known of it’s many virtues: energizing, comforting, a good replacement for sex, prevents depression, has plenty vital and healthy ingredients. In past it was considered “Food of the gods”.

Humor, nostalgic and colorful experience – spices and sauces packaging make the meal look more appealing just by putting it on the table.

The  roots of the smoothie are in Brazil, then made it’s way to USA in the 30’s and 40’s of the past century. Ever since, The smoothie has evolved, with milk or frozen yogurt base, and a verity of fruits and flavors.

There are more than 3000 labels of mineral water in the market. To stand out, the designers need to use all of their creativity and skills.

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Outstanding colors, catchy names and cynical humor – the future generation of tea brands is detaching the old boring image.

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Here’s a nostalgic moment: a few years back, it was the milkman’s job to provide us fresh milk every day. Back then, they used to transfer the milk from the cowshed with special iron made jugs.

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Most of the labels in Israel are stuck in an old design phase of simplicity and indistinction – why?

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An interview with Peddy Mergui, award winning designer who became head designer of Hishgad Mifal Hapaid.

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A5 Magazine is an independent art and design magazine. each issue is refers to a different subject, and shows it’s verity of graphic and visual points of view.

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The project is intended to build a new image for an existing business. The energy, the joy of life and one good friend; one that keeps me young and is also a surfer, caused me to get my head into a field I have no experience in whatsoever.

A creative brand identity project for the chain “Arta”. This project was done as part of a Branding course taught by Peddy Mergui at the Holon Institute of Technology. The work is the product of student Vlada Kirilov.

The story of  “Seven Mothers” started the day we first settlement at Nitzan after my family and I were evacuated from Gush Katif in 2005. Following the evacuation, many of the evacuees, including residents of Nitzan, were left without work untill today.

The goal of the project was creating a brand identity for a store with numeral branches, paying attention to the stores general identity, and branches individual identity.

The catalog deals with my personal childhood story in which I have faced a boycott. I have chosen this specific story due to its major impact and influence on my life.

The project’s brief was to create an a brand identity for a beloved food. I chose the excess that comes from the juice of a salad. In my tradition —”to tunk” means to “dip into” that salad juice with a bread.

In this project, I chose to design a fashion catalog for women dresses from the perspective view of a voyeur.

“The Israeli version of Clue”, Reut Banai’s final project, under the guidance of Peddy Mergui, Visual Communications Department, HIT

Umami is the 5th taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and Umami). It’s mainly expirienced with Monsodium Glutamate. Imagine soy sauce, only without salt.‏ This was a branding and visual identity building exercise for Umami flavored candy. The branding was designed to be very current, expensive and urban.

International energy drinks market, evaluated more than 30 million dollars, is expected to grow in more than 66% until 2014.

How design magazine is a creative and business database for graphic designers, that shows new technologies, work flows of leading projects, inspiration, advices and more.

A project by Alva Blanch, HIT graphic design student, directed By Peddy Mergui.

Marketing association conference is done once a year. It discusses marketing and advertising main issues in Israel.

A project by Liran Falach, a graphic design student from HIT, directed by Peddy Mergui. You can read (in Hebrew) about the design process here.