Project Description


Yair Attias considered one of the key figures in the field of Italian furniture in Israel. Yair has produced many projects over the years: luxury apartments, hotels and complexes around the world, all with production abilities, quality, knowledge and experience. The projects produced are very high in quality, luxury and in very attractive timetables, as well as attractive price to customers. During the time, Yair realized his strength in the manufacture of quality solutions by Italian standards. He chose to establish an Italian brand whose uniqueness is creating modular cabinets and closets according to the customer’s needs..


Construction of a quality brand for the purchase of elite carpentry and quality cabinets and closets for homes.


We discussed Two important values in Yair’s branding process. The first is that this is an Italian brand and Italy is the capital of design in the world – especially in furniture. The second is that the product is tailor made to fit the customer needs. The company’s unique solution is the service of elite carpentry in closets to scale, which does not exist in the Israeli market and is not particularly available to the middle-high market segment. We called the brand ‘abilitàs’, which means abilità skill / special in Italian. We also wanted to emphasize the quality and personal sewing and called it Taylor made carpentry and from there we built the logo and the language that you will see as a traditional Italian brand but with lots of character and variety. Of course, branding and language supported the prestigious visibility.