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Project Description


‘Association of Israeli of Central Europe Origin’ was founded in 1932, in the Fifth Aliyah period, as an immigrant organization and then carried the name “Association of German Immigrants’. Since then, the organization continues to operate sequentially on behalf of the descendants of immigrants from Central Europe and for immigrants from the circle of German culture in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. The organization is a volunteer organization characterized by a worldview liberal and humanistic and led by the sons and daughters of second and third generation of the founders. Members of the organization have the right to influence and choose the institutions role players and committees – the Presidency, the Finance Committee, Heritage Committee, Planning Committee and more. The organization works continuously for eight decades, with mutual core values, constantly renewing and adapting operations to the Israeli reality and to changing needs.

Building a new identity to the organization for future years to come, “rejuvenation” of the organization and making it accessible to the next generation.

The logo was updated, a Web site was built as a kind of portal to the organization – characteristic of the variety of the activities of the organization.Cultural events, learning, community support for survivors. Life stories of members, media appearances and scholarships. Hundreds of pages with huge content, cataloged and edited. Graphic language was a combination of old and new, from modern to traditional. It represents the connection between the two worlds to make the organization future generations to keep the tradition from Central Europe.