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Project Description


Bardo Studios was established in 2002 by Erez Caspi and Yossi Shaked (Hasson). Over the years, they both built up a reputation within the music industry. This was mainly due to a professional attitude but also a creative atmosphere with a vintage vibe, which contributes to producing their unique sound. In the past few years, they supplied sound services to the most reputable names in Israel. They work in album recordings, multi-channel recordings for live shows, digital editing and so on. They do all this while inspiring, supporting and making their clients feel right at home, which are all just as important.

In 2005, Bardo Studios moved to the mythological “Hamon” studio complex, the largest and leading recording studio in Israel. This was a significant step up for Yossi and Erez. But it also gave them a sense of closure since they both started their professional careers as aid technicians and technicians at “Hamon”. And now they have become the owners of the studio. The journey they have taken together created a family atmosphere which allows every person to express themselves in the clearest and most beautiful way.


Building positioning and brand identity strategy for the most qualitative record studios in Israel. To refine the reputations of the studios and the unique human capital which have been established over the years.


The strategy observed the music industry, and it was decided to find the same unique “sound”, which is created beyond the equipment and technology. The unique sound they always aspire to is created thanks to a professional attitude, their vintage vibe and very special people who are also kind and familial. This sound is difficult to explain in words, but it always throws you into a different place and time.

The inspiration and the concept to create the identity came from a diner or deli, Americans find along their way. The familiarity and character of these places connected accurately to the character and values we wanted for the studio. It was decided to change the name to “The Bardos” to emphasize the feel of a group and family. We created a language that focuses on the unique atmosphere of the place as a warm, inviting, pleasant and professional environment.