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Project Description


Albus is a bathroom interior design company that designs and manufactures elegant, luxurious, and yet affordable bathroom furniture. While the company may be relatively new to the market, the CEO has a great deal of experience. Aiming to compete with companies in the Western European market, particularly Italian based designers, the feel and style of Albus bathroom furniture is exclusive and appears high-end while maintaining accessible prices.


The company came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands looking to build a brand for both the local and international market. They wanted their brandto speak the language of their minimalist, clean approach to bathroom furniture design. Translating the exclusivity and elegance innate to their company into a name, logo and graphic style would serve as the basis for competing with the European market and achieving success both locally and abroad.


The name Albus means white in latin and combines all the different aspects of visual communication that are used in expressing the essence of the brand.