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Project Description


Central Park is a company specializing in the planning, establishment and management of parking garages. In addition to their management services, Central Park also acts as a consultant to other players in the industry. Central Park manages both new garages as well as those owned other companies. Located mainly in the “Gush Dan” area of Israel, the company aims to penetrate and control a significant portion of the market by means of an effective brand name and corporate identity.


Central Park came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands with the desire to create a memorable and effective corporate brand that would speak to both drivers and property owners. It is of particular importance that the language and brand icons be both precise and pronounced in order to accommodate the fast pace of its audience. Establishing brand loyalty among drivers is particularly challenging given that people choose parking garages mainly by location. Central Park also aims to project a feeling of quality and responsibility that would foster respect among owners of buildings that might consider using Central Park’s management and parking services within their property.


We began by monetizing the letter “P”and fluent, articulate connection between the letter “P” and the company brand. Strengthening this connection promotes a high level of brand awareness as Central Park continues to open additional parking garages. The company logo is designed to look similar to the sign for parking, while the “P” itself illustrates the path to a parking spot within one of the company’s garages. In response to the quick pace of the company’s target audience, the overall style and tone of the brand logo and icons are extremely lucid and easy to understand.