Project Description


Collecteco is a unique concept Gallery of Applied Arts, founded by Yossi Ginzberg , curator and a man of vision. During his travels around the world, collected and curated the best works of local artists and brought them to Israel. Each item number followed by a fascinating story. Artist’s story, a story of nature design, the material and the story of the place. Collecteco Gallery tells the story.

Yossi Ginzberg and his team came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands to establish the brand in Israel.

This project was made with the strategic consultance of Michal Zarfati Efrat. The strategy chosen was to empower the gallery, through the man Yossi Ginzberg, through the stories behind the items –  all items come from exotic places and are made from natural  and ecologist materials. The Collecteco name was chosen as a collection of nature, a piece of land which is the ground was selected as a guided icon. Brand language  designed clean, “museum like”,  modest and upscale, devoid of pretension, in order to make room for the exhibits stand out.