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Project Description


COTTURA is a catering company that serves luxurious food, headed by Haim Sabag. COTTURA serves those that are interested in a one-time, “out-of-the-box”, culinary experience. Building up the event’s service and menus is tailored maid and is kept unique. Each and every course, serving and item is carefully selected, making sure that the ingredients are the most unique, fresh, expensive and of top quality available


Before it became COTTURA, the company turned to us and asked us to build a brand for their luxurious kitchen. It also wanted to position itself as Israel’s most prestigious catering company. We needed to develop the name, logo, and brand visual language.


First we came up with a name for the business: COTTURA – as it reflects the essence of what this catering service is all about.  Cottura in Italian means “cooking”. Haut Couture in French means “exclusive custom-fitted clothing”. The name COTTURA was adopted as the kitchen specializes in meticulous, one-time cooking that is based on first-class ingredients.

We then continued with the logo. The logo we designed reminds of the Japanese symbol “Enzo”. Enzo signifies aesthetics, illumination, strength and elegance in Japanese calligraphy, and is known for its meditative properties when drawn.  We design this logo to strengthen COTTURA’s brand as a brand that reflects the “here and now”, just like Enzo, it is unique and encapsulates the art of cooking prestigious culinary food.
‏The brand language and imageries are kept simple, allowing the food images to work on our senses and savor the experience.