Project Description


Nurit Vidar Oretzky is considered one of the top textile designers in Israel. She was the in-house designer for “Kitan”, and she designed for local and international brands such as Mexx, Royal Sateen, Benetton and Esprit. Furthermore, she is a lecturer at “Shenkar” and other institutions. Nurit’s true passion is quality linens for babies.

The Challenge

Building a new brand, identity and positioning for a quality linen company for babies which is intended for domestic and international markets.

The Solution

“I always weave and sew my dreams with thread, embroidery, fabric, color and texture” Nurit said at our first meeting. There we understood that the brand needed to be dreamy, soft, cuddly and pleasant – hence the name Cuddelina. From there we chose a mature kangaroo to express the kind of closeness we wanted to emphasize for the brand. The collections are made of materials such as satin and cotton with a high thread count and amazing design.

 The designs are subtle, pleasant and not babyish or presumptuous. The idea behind the linen is that it is the same high quality offered adults. Because the brand is mainly purchased as baby gifts, we decided to create special packaging for the product. It is a large box with fairy tale themes with Nurit’s wonderful linen creations inside.