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Project Description


Igal Dotan is considered one of the most valuable artists in the production of unique projects in the field of carpentry and display stands. He began his career decades ago and built a company called “Fontic” which was considered Israel’s leading construction to provide of commercial woodworking solutions. Services that they gave were only for the business sector.


Building a sub brand that is engaged in carpentry and offers services to a wider range of audience. Providing solutions to a new line of costumers in the kitchen and bedroom and closet manufacture field. The Brand Promise is to provide quality products and service in international standards and the highest level of finish.


After a short process we identified two main target audiences whom may purchase this service – Architects and Builders, mainly in Modi’in, Jerusalem and its area. We realized that the most important value we should emphasize to these two communities is the accuracy of the information, a central value to differentiate our brand from other producers in ‘manufactures to individuals’ market. We decided to build a brand named Details and attach the tagline: Wood Collection, which emphasizes the artistic value around the piece.

From there we went to build the experience of the brand identity. Details  is now considered one of the leading brands, mainly in the construction of single-family homes in Modi’in and its surroundings. Towards 2016 they are expected built the open flagship store in Ishpro center, in the hope and looking to set up a quality chain of carpenters to the whole country.