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Project Description


Espressodate produces an eco-friendly, healthy alternative to coffee. The company’s product is a hand-harvested, natural, caffeine-free beverage made from date beans with the additional health benefits of fiber, antioxidants and oleic acids. Espressodate is a 100% sustainable business that concentrates on health benefits and strives to be resource efficient. The company aims to penetrate both the “away from home” market as well as the retail market for coffee alternatives.


The company’s two entrepreneurs came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands with the desire to create a strong, effective corporate brand using minimal resources. This brand would then be used to create a buzz in the coffee industry, despite the fact that their product is made from dates. While the company owners do promote and believe in eco-friendly business, in order to compete with other coffee industry players, their brand language and tone needed to focus on the coffee-like flavor of their product rather than their “green” business ethics.


The creation of the brand name Espressodate was the proverbial megaphone we used to strengthen the coffee connection. The packaging and graphic languagespeak directly to the feeling of sipping coffee in a coffee-shop, appealing to the “away from home” market. The use of colors and tones similar to those seen within the retail coffee industry send a clear message to consumers and allow Espressodate to take its place confidently on the shelf.