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Project Description


Gaya is a new company where two agriculture export experts Iris Zarfin and Berto Levy joined forces. The goal of the company is to market fresh agricultural produce to Europe, especially from growers in Israel, Africa and India. The company mainly specializes in the marketing of fresh herbs and spices. All of the produce they export is choice, and it is marketed in high end supermarkets across Europe.


Positioning and identity building for fresh agricultural produce, in a most competitive international market


The visibility of the brand is extremely important in terms of packaging and package design. These designs created significant impact and memorability in penetrating the European market. Penetrating the European market was very successful, and now they are very busy maintaining significant markets across Europe.

One of the brand’s main strengths is thanks to excellent relationships with the growers. The company gathers the Crème de la Crème of produce. They chose to name the brand “Guya” which means “mother earth” or the earth goddess from Greek mythology. The logo is built to emphasize the earth and soil as the origin of life and its produce. The crops are shown as the whipped cream of nature. The language and colorfulness of the brand is brown and a vibrant green as the colors of nature.