Project Description


Alona Emun began studying cosmetics a few years ago. Most of her professional education acquired in Russia, where it appears that there are significant academic institutes that teach very carefully the professions of cosmetics and grooming:  pedicure, manicure, facials, hair care and more. Her skilled staff in a beauty salon based in Holon carry out Alona’s extensive activity


Constructing a chain as a brand in the field of cosmetic grooming, which is designed to function as a quality network for care centers, mainly for women and for men


The creative solution derived from the brand’s connection to the cultivation culture in France. The dominant value in building Alona’s brand stems from her great professionalism and emphasis on providing exceptional service. The chosen name to lead the network is ‘genial’ which means wonderful, perfect, and outstanding (in French). This name accurately expresses the desired spirit for the brand and its values ​​. The visual language chosen for the brand corresponded European brand language, classic and high quality, prestige and professional. The uniqueness of this brad building is that a strategic team formed in order to accompany the whole process: Adhalitit Meital Cohen, customer Alona Amon and Paddy Margi. Each team member contributed to the process influencing one another, this is how this brand  that you will hear a lot about was born.