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Project Description


Hishgad is the leading product and brand of Mifal Hapais, the Israeli National Lottery. The various tickets are designed to appeal to the public at large with specific tickets marketed towards distinct niches and sub-sectors of the population. Up to one million shekels can be won instantly through several of the tickets and the overall sales of the tickets reaches approximately 1 billion shekels annually


Mifal Hapais has been working with Peddy Mergui Talking Brands for over a decade and recognizes our firm’s unique experience and understanding of visual communication within the realm of instant ticket design. The tickets are designed with unique target markets and in order to successfully appeal to those audiences, each concept and must be both unique and accessible. Mifal Hapais looks to Peddy Mergui Talking brands to create new concepts, ideas and ticket designs that appeal to their target markets.


Our in-depth understanding of the various audiences of Hishgad products enables Peddy Mergui Talking Brands to employ distinct methodologies in designing instant tickets for Mifal Hapais. For players interested in smaller sum tickets, the concepts and graphics are fun, friendly and easygoing. For returning customers who are slightly more invested, the visual language includes an element of money, but does so using fresh, day-to-day themes such as stock markets, entrepreneurship, academia, and music. In designing tickets for the most invested, high-paying customers of Hishgad tickets, the central element of the graphic language must be money and the monetization of success. Our overarching approach, which has lead Hishgad to be the largest, most successful brand of Mifal Hapais, has been to create approachable, innovative designs that appeal to the public at large and invite players to pick up a ticket and scratch.