Project Description


Intelitek is an American company that provides a comprehensive solution for the construction and training of robots and robotics. In this arena, there are many solutions aplenty from local producers or from huge companies Siemens, Toyota. To key customers are the institutional market,  earthiness, government training rooms of giant corporations, etc. The Challenge : Rebranding Company’s services and establishment as a differentiated and unique in the American market, especially in North America.


After a long process that included research in the U.S, examining all competitors and their positioning. We have identified a very significant differentiation category – Intelitek is the best company you have, that can, created comprehensive solutions. They know to produce a complete set of the hardware, acquisition, writing software that runs the hardware, and of course training. Tone and style should Contact on the one hand academic tons, but on the other hand, since these products are at the

forefront of technology, adding high technology tones. We minimally updated the logo, with restraint soft typographic selection, to indicate that the company is active. We have created a brand language built with geometric sun motif for emphasizing the companys dynamism, relevant images were introduced in certain areas, to indicate the multiple fields of work that the company has. We also created a color scale that differentiated the various departments. This project was a great success and changed the rules prevailing in the industry.