Project Description


Israel Weapon Industries, IWI, is an Israeli company that manufactures light firearms. The company was created with the privatization of weapons factory “Magen” and was sold to businessman Sami Katzav. in 2005 Sami Katzav led the factory to be the spearhead of the small arms industry in the world. The Company is an Israeli security company, providing and developing weapons for armies, security forces and special forces around the world.


The task was to lead the world light firearms industry forward, and set it to be viewed as transported by the high-tech industry of the traditional light weapons, even though it is an old industry.


First strategy was changed. We put emphasis on the vast experience the factory and the characters behind it, about 80 years of experience in production and development. Then we decided to emphasize the Israeli value of the company since ‘Israeli’ in this case is a significant advantage. Therefore, the blue color was chosen to lead the company. We’ve built a visual language, energetic and combative with which the company identified. We designed impressive visual elements for the factory, as it is receiving leaders and high-ranking personalities, and of course rebranded every company performance: the weapons catalog in various languages, exhibitions, conferences and of course the construction of a complex web site, detailing exactly all the possible adjustments of accessories and weapons.