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Project Description


Tomer Kling is a musician who graduated from the Academy of Music and has impressive music achievements from Israel and abroad, his love for wine and expertise in the field has no limit. More than a decade ago, he studied the art of wine making, and decided to produce his own wine, in a quality and flavor especially for his taste and harmony .

To this harmony joined Prof. Oded Shoseyov, who is considered an expert on international wine and one of the Bardo Winery owners. Prof. Shoseyov helped making Kling wine from the vineyards in the israeli village ‘vineyards of Joseph’.


Identity construction for a premium boutique winery that makes a limited selection of individual bottles.


The inspiration for the project came from music courses, what could be more fit than music to glorify the rich flavor, smells and sounds? Quality wine according to Kling is a wine with depth and dozens of flavor layers, just like any music harmony that is built between the sounds. Therefore, the winery was built language and images in black and white most of them drawn characters, Kling as the conductor of the score and rich flavor, pouring the wines. Kling already produced the third series all wines sell-out and order….