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Project Description


Leumi Card is a subsidiary of Bank Leumi – one of Israel’s largest Banks. Leumi Card is ranked first place among credit card companies in Israel. The company offers a wide range of advanced credit services and has issued over 1.9 million credit cards under the credit cards brands Visa and MasterCard.

Leumi Card believes that “customers come first” and sets its priorities on providing the best customer service and on providing services and credit packages that are tailor- made to their customers needs and profiles


Leumi Card approached Talking Brands to help with its internal branding so that the Brand Values will be reflected internally. Leumi Card was moving into new offices and saw this as an opportunity to define its internal brand language, to one that enhances its customer oriented values to both employees and visitors.


We started by mapping the different departments and interior spaces, designed by the Architect Moshe Shterzer. We then mapped the values needed to be conveyed for each department – Finance, Marketing, Customer Care and others – taking into consideration Leumi Card’s presenters, Keren Mor and Yuval Segal. The language we created took into consideration the office spaces and the respective user experience. Our goal was to create a pleasant working environment.

 We needed to make sure that Leumi Card’s internal voice “Talks” and does not “Shout” and conveys a tone that is suitable to the specific audience, be it the different departments, employees or visitors. Leumi Card’s internal branding was instrumental in assimilating the organization’s core values and with creating a supportive work environment and internal pride for each department.