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Project Description


Lifestyle Club was established in 1998 as a credit card that can be used only in stores of the brand. Starting from 2009 Lifestyle Plus card was launched, which is a club card providing benefits and promotions to its customers and to the rest of the market. The card can be used in hundreds of thousands of businesses in the country and abroad (abroad – Issued by MasterCard). The club is considered one of the top clubs and currently has about 500,000 customers.


Construction of a clear identity and repositioning of the credit cards of lifestyle as the leading card in the wallet and not just a simple membership club.


In building the identity of the credit card we tested all the credit scene in Israel, and reviewed dozens of case studies from around the world, defined the brand’s strengths and then built the identity experience. Sunrise was decided as a message of light and revelation, showing a sense of renewal, Dawn is also an image that corresponds well in the financial world as we do every purchase. We have also constructed differentiated segment facing women and men. Differently so that women feel more relevance to their credit card and of course men also feel sympathy and uniqueness by creating a sense of belonging to the credit card

We focused on changing the positioning of the card from a “club card” that is identified as  you can use mainly  in stores os the brand, To the positioning as a credit card for everything, equivalent in quality and prestige to other credit cards that are in your wallet. The design was carried out in support of the target audiences male and female, including differentiation between Gold and Platinum cards. The club issued the card, and built it next to MasterCard International.