Project Description


Magma is on of Israel’s leading venture capital firms specializing in early-stage investments in communication, semiconductors, internet and media. The company uses its experience and sector specialization in cooperating with entrepreneurs, industry experts, and other investors to define the future of technology in their areas of investment.


The company came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands looking to create a new logo and brand language after changing its name from Magnum to Magma. The company saw the change of brand name as as an opportunity to infuse their corporate personality into a brand style that would simultaneously connect them to the global venture capital market and maintain their unique positioning within the local VC industry.


The Magma logo and brand language directly translate the company’s essence into a visual entity. The brand’s bright, energetic drive is seen clearly in its logo, while the bold, solid graphics speaks to the company’s experience and understanding of the communications technology sector. The overall feel of the corporate brand is professional and confident, enabling a resemblance to venture capital firms abroad while maintaining a splash of innovation to set the brand apart from its competitors.