Project Description


RL is a Hong Kong manufacturing company that produces dozens of culinary brands and provides production solutions for giant corporations such as Walmart, Carrefour, Target, and more. The company has developed unique baking molds made of a unique, non-burnt, platinum material with phenomenal benefits. The molds are made of a material that is environmentally friendly and remarkably smooth. The cakes do not stick to these molds and unlike the substitutes available in the market such as Teflon; the material of this product is dozens of times more healthful.


Branding and brand building for the US market.


Since the product is about baking, we decided to connect to the French patisserie and build a French brand for the American market. We called the brand Magnifique. The marketing strategy was to focus on responsibility – responsible baking, i.e. baking in these molds would be healthier for you and your children. The language and brand personality designed to reflect home culinary and baking as a hobby to produce a “tasty” brand that corresponds to the food industry.