Project Description


Metropolin is a public transport company established in 2000 after winning a tender in southern Israel. As part of a relatively recently privatized industry in Israel, Metropolin aims to maintain a higher level of service and promote a brand name associated with quality. With over 100 buses of different types and sizes, Metropolin offers transportation to various cities in the southern region of Israel and aims to expand their services to other areas of the nation in the future.


The company came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands looking to create a brand that clearly expresses its higher level of quality and service in comparison with its competitors. While competing bus transport companies may be located in the same locations, Metropolin aimed to provide higher standards for its clientele and thus needed to exude an image of excellence that promotes customer loyalty.


The Metropolin logo and graphics were designed to speak clearly and efficiently with the company’s target audience, communicating their style and high quality of service in a professional manner. With the application of this logo mainly being on buses, it was essential to deliver the message quickly and have clientele easily identify Metropolin buses as they pass in and out of cities. While the orange color was chosen specifically to express the energy and young ambition of the company, the graphic language directly reflects the company’s goals and overall style.