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Project Description


Mifal Hapais, the Israeli National Lottery, is a government-run organization responsible for the management and execution all lotteries in Israel. Mifal Hapais invests the majority of the revenue from these lotteries back into the public sector, primarily in the fields of education, health and sports. With eight major brands and products, Mifal Hapais needed to create a company brochure that could accurately and professionally present the company as a whole to both government officials in Israel and the rest of the world.


Mifal Hapais came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands with the desire to create a company brochure that would include information about nine different subjects related to the company’s products, business ethics and investments in the public. The brochure would be mainly distributed mainly among government officials and other influential people in Israel and abroad, and thus needed a design that would present the information with professionalism, integrity and intelligence. This brochure would be distributed to both the World Lottery Association as well as the European Lottery Association, and it was critical that the brochure exude Mifal Hapais’ strong presence and competitive edge.


By using a smart, eloquent and sophisticated card insert format, the brochure design appeals specifically to the company’s audience of high-level professionals. To strengthen the correlation between the company’s various products and its public efforts throughout the decades, we created a unique series of illustrations which appear throughout the brochure and connect all aspects of the company brand. In an effort to avoid having the brochure come off as a promotion for the lotteries of Mifal Hapais, we based the design on the professional, accomplished and yet inviting language that defines the Mifal Hapais brand.