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Project Description

Mon amour

Two entrepreneurs, Ravit and Dana, met in their children’s kindergarten. They often talked about buying brand clothes for children as for both have the same age kids.  While talking them both thought about what a shame, it is that the children use these clothes for about a month and are no longer suitable for their size. From here, the idea came and the project grew: the establishment of a sales site intended to sell second hand high quality brand clothes, of course at a high level of maintenance and almost “like new.”


Building a brand for women who want to purchase second hand brand clothing which are in ‘like new’ quality.


High-quality fashion brands for children designed in France are quite a few, where children’s fashion is in full swing. Therefore, we thought we would call the project Moon Amor – a name that expresses a purchase to your loved ones. We designed the language of the brand as a total “fashion” experience when the children model and dress in different styles from the site. Of course, the main value in mind for this project had to express freshness, originality and cleanliness. Nothing in the language of the brand should broadcast by a “second-hand shop” but rather the opposite. Dozens of items designed especially for this project to use in the site’s visibility in order to describe the buyer’s potential acquisition path, the ordering through delivery process and of course the packaging.