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Project Description

Next Age

One of the most growing fields of research today is cannabis research. In this field, there are hundreds of scientific developments and drug patents used to cure various medical problems. Israel is considered a “hothouse” for dozens of medical start-ups, due to permissive regulation. ‘Nexar’ is a laboratory services company owned by Dr. Orna Darzen, which serves as a center for development, control and manufacture of medicines.  The company’s services assisted many start-ups at their starting point.


Establishing an excellent innovation center in its field, the field of cannabis. The center will also serve as a physical center – workspaces for entrepreneurs and as a global investment fund in the cannabis ventures.


Due to the physical proximity to the lab and the development plant, as well as the reputation for Lancaster, we decided to call the project ‘Next Age’ as the esteemed sister of Lancaster. The language of the brand is supposed to be scientific on the one hand, and on the other high-tech. The brand had to pass both the medicinal and the remedy aspect of cannabis with sensitivity to the ‘drug’ aspect, which is why the language of the brand supports it and produces a pleasant, professional and delicate look.