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Project Description


Masha Minkin is a medical beautician with experience of over 20 years in product development and treatment of hundreds and thousands of patients at Beauty Plus. Masha and her partners chose to develop a line of international products – Noon Aesthetics, cosmetic products of unique and effective skin care, strictly focusing on quality and active ingredients at the work process. Noon Aesthetics products provide the best and remarkable results thanks to the use of the international patent COSMEDERM-7™. It enables to produce powerful stimulus products with a high concentration of active ingredients. Noon Aesthetics is at the forefront of Dermatology with technology-based multi-patent products.


Building an international brand in the forefront of the medical cosmetics world, with maximum effectiveness.


In building such a project, it is important to map all of the company’s products, we created a brand architecture, with A distinction between the active medical product category “Paramedical”, and essential normative products “Essential”. We have created a leading color differentiation between each category. Brand language was the seam between cosmetics and science, we transmit the restraint of medical products with care and feminine, to befit a medical cosmetic brand. Further we designed brand product catalogue, combining medical and scientific images, the catalog has been printed in three languages: English, Hebrew and Russian. We have also Built a set of rules for displaying a presentation, appearance at fairs and exhibitions and paperwork. Currently Noon products are marketed to Asia and Europe and later to the United States.