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Project Description


PLUS Ventures specializes in finding and investing in early stages of technological ventures, with emphasis on the fields of Internet, communications and media. Plus Ventures has a unique organizational structure which encompasses three separate investment branches: PLUS seed, Explore.Dream.Discover and PLUS Express

Plus Ventures is the name of a group of investors who head the Moldawsky Group which focuses on the fields of diamonds, real estate and high tech industries. The company has an impressive, qualitative and diversified investment portfolio, which is growing constantly

Moldawsky High Tech, which was established in the late 1990s, coordinates the technological activity of the group. The company has proven experience in collaborating with early stage entrepreneurs and in creating significant ventures.


Positioning PLUS Ventures as one of the leading investment companies in Israel. They offer a group of young, dynamic professionals that are especially suited to entrepreneurs working in new media and the Internet.


Our solution was derived from the brand strategy, which focuses on the uniqueness of the investment company and the added value PLUS Ventures brings to investments and to entrepreneurs beyond actual funding. This is done through sharing their knowledge and connections and giving their support and care. This is the meaning behind the PLUS of the brand.