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Project Description


Ronit Lev is a premium organic chocolatier from Amirim, in the north, owner of a business called “The Chocolate House” conducting workshops for families and groups. In addition Ronit has a great reputation in creating a whole organic chocolate – sugar free, raw and natural ingredients and no preservatives.


Following a business opportunity to expand the selling of her pralines, Ronit contacted us to create a new brand and positioning it at the Israeli Chocolate scene, with intentions and plans to sell it abroad.


After a process in which we reviewed the benefits virtues of which creates a special chocolate . We have identified the source of chocolate in the distant past, is from Mexico – the Aztecs used cocoa as the gods food. We decided to state it as a gourmet organic chocolate, with help of the place where it will be sold (one of the most prestigious boutique hotels in the country).

We chose the name Deseo – Spanish word for passion. Inspired by an Aztec artistic perception, we designed a logo that tells the story of a distant bird that delivers you the heart’s desire. We created a range of special packaging for the different pralines, through all the branding work we inserted the high positioning values alongside with high authenticity and memorability.