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Project Description


Amit Rom established Rom Farm in 1986, a  former major in the Israeli Air Force out on his life mission. He rented a small pen of sheep, a few goats, worked day and night to treat the herd. In 1991 he received the right of the state and the Jewish Agency to establish a goat farm on Mount Cammun in the north. His wife Israela, joined his dream and together they established a quality organic goat cheese dairy. The Rom Farm Dairy, beyond the quality of the milk and produce, act with love and humaneness to its animals and produce a limited quantity and quality of the cheese at the highest level.

With the development of the health trend, people have discovered the health potential in eating goat cheese. Over the years, Rom Farm built a reputation in the quality of the cheese, thanks to thousands of discerning customers and leading chefs at the culinary community in Israel.


Following the entry of a new investor who understood the values of the property and exceptional human resources on the farm, the Company applied to the Talking Brands for building a strategic differentiation and a competitive positioning in the organic goat cheese market and an intensification of the brand in a category of non-organic goat cheeses.


After extensive and profound process which examined almost all dairy products in the fridge, we analyzed the strengths of the brand “Rom Farm”,  and we have chosen to emphasize the most significant asset of the brand – the quality of the cheese. To this end, we decided to add an emotional dimension towards them –  happiness. Knowing that the cheeses are produced with joy and love, it is only natural that we understand the cheeses have a high quality taste. Choosing a strategy that has supported humanitarian and moral dimension of rom farm – “Happy Goat dairy”.

The Logo was designed to emphasized the value of the farm, with a quality stamp. Packaging were characterized with illustrated Goats, happy and jumping. We decided on building 2 Categories: green colors for organic goat cheese produce and orange color  non organic goat cheese produce. We have built a strong look thats stands out on the shelves, the results were immediate and today, soon after the launch, Rom Farm raised their sales by tens of percent, along with a clear development of memorability and joy streaming.


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