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Project Description


Super Pharm is one of the leading drugstore retail chains in Israel. A network of 250 branches throughout the country, selling medicine, cosmetics, cleaning products and even food. Over the years, Super Pharm has positioned as a market leader in a variety of categories. Their private label Life is a phenomenal success, and it’s one of the first retail companies which introduced a quality private label. Lifestyle club encompasses hundreds of thousands of customers who get promotions and benefits. Over the years, the network has established itself in purchase and sales power and it’s rolling around 1.5 billion dollars a year.


Significant number of Super-Pharm buyers are those who buy gifts for their loved ones. If  for a special event, or in general. To enhance the shopping experience Super Pharm chose to create an added value to their Gift Cards and greeting cards provided with them.


We characterized the events for which the customers give a gift, and were divided into five categories: birthdays, birth of a baby, a holiday or a romantic greeting. After characterizing the target audience we have created different visual languages ​​for these target audiences. We turned to women with the phrase A Special gift for you, usually women are the ones who purchase Gift Card. We chose to create a general chargeable card and separate greeting cards that can be purchased separately with or without purchasing a Gift Card. In addition, we have designed a desirable display stand. The project was a great success and gained a sympathetic response from customers, and we are currently expanding the series.