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Project Description

Super-Pharm Life Style Club 

Life Style Club is one of the largest customer clubs in the country and contains hundreds of thousands of customers who are entitled to special benefits at Super Pharm branches and different services in many businesses in the country

The Life Style Club established in 1998 and in October 2009 introduced the Life Style plus card. The card grants benefits and promotions to its customers in the company’s branches and the rest of the market. This card is valid in hundreds of thousands of businesses in Israel and abroad, currently it has over half a million customers.


Following the proliferation of credit card clubs and competition, the club sought to refresh its visibility, rebrand the club and recruit new customers.


One significant statistic is that more than 90 percent of credit card holders and club members are women. These women spend money at the club and take advantage of the various benefits that the card provides as well. Our marketing strategy was the connection to the narrative that motivates women “a moment to yourself.” Women today are very busy, they are mothers, they have careers, they work in three jobs and they always miss that little moment for themselves. The graphic language in this branding process poetically expressed this narrative. The fashion world inspired this project to illustrate the different situations that women seek for the moment to themselves. Later, the entire visual identity of the club was ‘refreshed’ as befitting when reaching out to women.