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Project Description

Super-Pharm Top Beauty 

A survey revealed that cosmetics is the department in which women indulge themselves the most.  However, in this area, competition is great and despite the attractiveness of the department at ‘Super-Pharm’, the company felt there is more to do and wanted to put emphasis on strengthening the cosmetics departments. For this matter, we have been required to build a strong cosmetics brand that combines all the operations and important brands in the field.


Building a desirable brand of cosmetics for Super-Pharm that is feminine, desirable and attractive.


Super Pharm came to the process of branding with the name: ‘Top Beauty’ This name accurately refined the purpose for which we gathered:  we designed an elegant and fashionable logo to which a special heart was attached,  This heart is the essence of the brand since Top Beauty gives a special “heart” to the buyers in the cosmetics department. “Heart” – a price, a “heart” which is a new operation, a “heart” that is an experience. A symbol that belongs to the brand and becomes an inseparable part of it. In addition to the process of rebranding, the visual language included softly spread flower petals as a reminder of spring and celebrations. In the world, such leaves are scattered around the bride and groom.

In building the brand, we also used a feminine color code, soft, luxurious, elegant and high.