Project Description


Tracx is a pioneer in social media campaign management targeted at advertising agencies and brand professionals. Tracx analyses and manages every phase of the social media campaign life-cycle. The company’s patented technology monitors online interactions and conversations across all the major social networking platforms, ranking the key influencers and opinion leaders, highlighting key insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.


Tracx came to Peddy Mergui Talking Brands with the goal of building a brand that is both easily identifiable and that expresses the company’s unique positioning within the social media industry. Given the large influx of social networking related technology, Tracx required a strong, innovativebrand language that would enable the company to stand out among the buzz of online interactions. Additionally, the style and tone of the brand graphics needed to reflect the company’s ability to identify leaders and key influencers in social networking circles.


Our inspiration for the Tracx brand came directly from nature. Gorillas, like human beings, live and function in communities, and within those communities the Silverback gorilla serves as the community leader. Tracx’s ability to identify the “silverback gorillas” of social networks and use this information to improve the effectivity of social media campaigns sets their technology apart from the remainder of the of the industry. The bold, clearly identifiable logo and candid graphic language function as the backbone of their brand identity.