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Project Description


In recent years, research on the impact of smell on everyday life is increasing. Among other things, the feelings , the memories , the tastes and the effect on consumer behavior is being tested. Via Cent manager , Daniel Gafsou, is a qualified perfumer that studied the science of smell and developed various scents in France. working in Paris and developing his skills to international companies.

In the Israeli scent market, Gafsou responsible for the development of ‘SABON’ smells ,AHAVA , the TEVA Company and more. He established Via Scent to provide scent development services, and creating a unique brand smell stamp.


The challenge was to create a professional company, both sensual and scientific . B2B addressing businesses , not to end customers, a company that knows know the relationship between science and emotions. The name Via Scent was created before our project, and served the messages of the company -we know the way of producing the odor or fragrance line.


Brand Promise ‘The Power of Scent’ incorporates the effect of the sense of smell to consumer decision-making. Graphic language expressed the abstract form of odor spreading and elements of the logo expressed motion. indicating the smell development, transfer of molecules from one place to another.