Project Description


One of the prevalent trends in recent years is the trend of grooming for men; it is already possible to see men who nurture themselves in pedicure treatments, laser hair removal, face treatments and of course hair and beard grooming, etc. Orit Lev and Limor Dubzinsky detected this trend and gathered to establish this project: A complex with a hairdresser, fitness center, beauty salon, tobacco shop, entertainment venues, and quite a few other products and services for man.


Establishing a life style and grooming for men of about 30,000 meters.


We understood that the brand personality should be a bit gnarled, stiff and bold, kicking and permissive, and so we called it ‘XY’ which are two chromosomes that produce the masculine identity. From this point, we have created a unique international brand language that blends with fashion, high-end consumer culture, leisure and a culinary experience. The project will open in one of the European countries, and therefore it should speak the language of Europe. Alongside all the beauty and retail products, we also asked to open an area for contemporary art and music in order to allow the complex a vibe of “rest and relax” and not just hedonism.