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Project Description


Yehonatan hillel Yehezkel is a therapist, Parctecing over a dacade with a large veraiety of natural treatment methods: Bach Flowers, Guided imagination, Reiki, Rosen Method, Reflexology, Healing, Aromatherapy, and more. The israeli Natural Therapists market is very crowded and diverese, almost anyone can say he is a therapist, the is no barrier to entry as there is in Conventional Medicine.


Coincidentally, this case does not incidental, Jonathan met Paddy and asked of his occupation , after a short conversation and meeting a strong bond wad created. In their conversation they concluded that it is necessary to brand, package, make accessible, Jonathans remarkable abilities. Of course, the biggest challenge is not to produce aggressive marketing packaging but pleasant chiffon shirt tailoring and precise quality treatment.


Unlike any normal branding process, with Jonathan we acted otherwise, his name is Yehonatan Yehezkel Hillel , we proposed to call it YYH, Shorting of his name. Also, we found one of his major strengths is his diversity, his ability to adjust the type of the therapeutic method to the type of patient, just like a glove, and we decided together to meet the natural medicinal terminology , we found it as very true to his occupation .

Hence we created a very “little’ visual package, modest, intimate, one that one almost does not feel it at all. Hue chosen to lead the YYH was green. It is this mystical, relaxing on the one hand and on the other hand interesting. We are very proud of this project, we enjoy producing a brand that is modest, pleasant, and has high values. On a personal note – He is really a remarkable therapist.