Project Description


Naomi Kashi is a young entrepreneur who grew up in Sicily. There, her aunt made her a magical semi-frozen drink with a coarser, more crystalline ice texture made out of local herbs, spices and fruits – Granita, or in Italian, Granita Siciliana – was the name of the drink.  The drink is made out of fresh and natural ingredients, with no preservatives or sugar and as such, is appealing to a large and health conscience audience.


Naomi approached Talking Brands with a goal to brand and package the Granita she grew up on. Our challenge was to take something as anonymous as her aunt’s Granita and to turn in to something that is contemporary, exciting, and desirable; yet natural and healthy.


We started with building and refining the drink’s authentic story into what is today the Brand’s story. We wanted to honor Naomi’s aunt, who revealed to her the secrets of her Granita and therefore named the drink Zia Valentina – which means “healthy aunt” in Italian. Zia Valentina’s brand promise is of a refreshing ice cold Sicilian Granita. The logo was designed around the letter “V” and inside it a heart to express love and health. Rather than creating a brand language that can be identified as Italian or Sicilian we wanted to express the brands true voice as energetic, young and up to date.

The unique visual world we created expresses health and nature as well as youth, vitality and contemporariness. The first store opened on 55 Shenkin St. in Tel Aviv – it’s a small space that needed to contain quite a few products, as well as to allow the world of Zia Valentina to be expressed correctly. Yaron Hulin created a special illustration suitable to the space and Brand and the Architect Eitan Vitkon was in charge of the store’s interior design. Together with them we’ve created a world of “a small, crazy, yet healthy store”.